How to Become a Video Game Artist

A good friend of the Robots and general all round nice guy; Sam Kennedy, has just published his first book. It’s all about breaking into the game industry as an artist…

This book is for anyone who wants to do art and get paid to do it. Specifically, it is about working successfully as an artist in the video game industry. I wrote this book for those artists out there who, like me, love to draw and paint and animate and either have or would like to have a video game career. You may not be a working artist right now, but if you read this book you will learn how to become one. If you are already a professional, I’ll tell you how to break into video games or how to move to your dream job if you’ve already broken in.

You can get a sample of what the book is all about here:

How to Become a Video Game Artist

If you feel like picking up a copy for yourself or for an aspiring artist you may know; the book is available in all fine book stores and online via Amazon

Sam went above and beyond and really took the time to feature some of the talented members here at ERI. We are truly stoked to have Warm Gun grace the pages of this beautiful book and I highly recommend it to anyone who is on a career path to the game industry.


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