Big and Mean

This past week has been a busy one on the art side of things. Our resident vehicle expert and 3D guru James Towne has been putting some much needed love into the vehicles for Overdrive. Everyone on the team agreed that the old look was a bit too generic and we needed to inject a little love into some areas of the Trucks. So James has been busting ass to make the trucks a little bigger, and a whole lot meaner.

You will notice the wheels and chassis have been completely reworked and a final texture pass has been added to make them look worn and torn… After-all, these trucks have seen some action!

We hope you dig the new look and like the direction James has taken things.

New and improved

As always, please feel free to leave a comments or make a suggestions and be sure to stay tuned for more wip shots as we get closer to polishing up the look and locking down the details.
Keep em Rollin!


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