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18 thoughts on “Maximum Overdrive

  1. I’m not usually into arena based vehicle shooters but the combination of really excellent cel shaded graphics and monster trucks, who can resist monster trucks?, really did it for me I also just got Tales of Borderlands and this really fits well with that. Great game guys. There’s always the exception, this is the one!

  2. Really cool game! Couple of issues tho, 1. Won’t load equaliser, just keeps crashing.
    2. Reay doesn’t like cityscape. Plays it, but the framerate is really choppy.
    The other two arenas work fine an it’s a great game with great graphics apart from those issues. For info, on iPod touch 5 with iOS 8 something.

      • I was reading comments on TA forums and it seems they don’t understand the concept of options which is weird since nearly all games have them! Odd! I’ve never got “stuck” as one guy said, I’ve always managed to get out and I’ve also seen the other AI bots. As I’ve said a cool game with a couple of issues but I’m enjoying it. I don’t know what their problem is but they’re giving you unnecessarily bad reviews!

      • Thanks again for the support and comments Jack, really good to know we have some support 🙂

        It’s always tough when you launch a new game… hard to please everyone. On the up side of things, the team is committed to bringing some new updates and added control options to the next update. So hopefully that will get some of the negatives turned to positives and we will see the game get some love.

        We will keep you posted on our progress 🙂
        Have a great weekend.

  3. Ooh! Really bad news. Just updated game and it doesn’t work at all now! Gets to Emotional Robots screen then quits to home screen. Tried rebooting and everything, nothing works. Pity I was enjoying this!

    • Ok! Tried deleting and redownloading and that worked. I’m not sure everyone will know to try that! Good news the other arenas work, bad news I’ve lost my trucks and credits and stuff from cargo boxes which I idea what they are. But at least it works now!

  4. Is there any intended updates coming for this?
    I haven’t had the opportunity to play this. It crashes during loading after I hit play. I would really like to play it!

    • There will be updates. As of right now, we’re working on porting the game to Android.
      Then any additional updates will be rolled out afterwards.

      Sorry to hear that the game is not working for you. If you have any device lower than iPhone 4s the game might be too intensive. If you do have iPhone 4s or newer, then I would suggest trying to download the game again.

      • Unfortunately that didn’t work. I have Iphone 5s, updated IOS. Have made sure all apps are closed, and as few running in the background as I can. The game starts, and I can get into the garage. Everything in this menu functions well. After opening “Equalizer” polaroid, I change no settings and just select single player. The game moves to loading screen and crashes. Multiplayer works into the lobby, but again after I select play this does the same.

      • That’s so strange. I have an iphone 5 and it runs with zero issues. I’m going to look into it and see what might be causing the crash. Thank you for the detailed feedback, it’s greatly appreciated.

  5. I purchased the remove adds option on your maximum overdrive game on iOS for $4.99 and only received a download 0% page. Can you please apply my no add purchase?
    Cody Kayser

  6. Is it possible to have the ads removed from the game instead? I enjoy playing it, and plan to spend more money in it, however am sceptical with my first purchase not going through.
    Thank you!

    • Im not sure how the in app purchase failed. I just checked and it is working on my end.

      If you load up the app and go to the store page, you can click restore purchases. It might restore the remove adds and fix the issue.

      Again I apologize for the troubles. This is the first time someone has had this issue.

      • Unfortunately restoring didn’t work. I still just get the download 0% page. Could you please refund my $4.99?
        Thank you!

      • Now whenever I load the game the home screen goes dark and says download 0% and I still receive ads. I tried removing the game from my phone and Game Center, and still the same thing happens. I enjoy this game, however it’s become more of a hassle. Is there anyway to make the game load normally and refund my money?
        Thank you!

  7. I tried a $.99 allowance and that purchase didn’t work either. Please refund all my purchases to this game.
    Thank you.

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